The pre-eminent independent aviation safety advisory and training services company globally

Litson's highly experienced aviation safety advisors and trainers are available to assist Clients who require solid aviation safety advice.

Our specialists have spent careers directly involved with flight operations, flight standards, flight and ground training, safety and quality management systems, airworthiness and maintenance management and safety auditing and assessing.

Safety Reviews (Safety Audits and Inspections): Litson conducts aviation safety Reviews of aircraft operators anywhere in the world. We are able to benchmark our Reviews against Client aviation standards or against Litson’s own global aviation Standards, as required by our Clients.

Litson inspections of aircraft, airfields, on-shore helipads and off-shore helidecks are thorough and professional.

Advisory Services: L&A provide the most professional aviation safety and quality advice to aircraft & airport Operators and resource industry Clients in the Oil, Gas and Mining industries.

Many fixed and rotary wing charter Operators and emerging domestic and regional airlines strive to achieve above average safety, quality, operations and maintenance management systems and until recently, have received no recognition for doing so. A safety award for above average safety efforts will allow Operators to set themselves apart from the competition.

The Litson Aviation Safety Award (ASA) is a three year cycle of maintaining high Safety standards.

Where we are

Litson’s head office is situated in a 100+ year old building within the Paardevlei Business Park just outside Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.
The offices have an idyllic position beside a shallow lake with migratory birds on one side and a cheetah sanctuary on the other.

Aviation Training: Litson provides professional outcomes based aviation safety and quality related training courses. Each course is designed to ensure that course Participants will have the knowledge to 'do the job'.

Litson's highly experienced Advisors and trainers are available to assist Clients who require solid aviation safety and quality advice. Our Advisors have backgrounds as fixed wing and rotary wing (on-shore and off-shore) Pilots, Flight Instructors and Examiners. Our maintenance Advisors have had careers as maintenance managers and technicians and structural engineers. Litson also provides specialists in Emergency Response Planning and aircraft accident investigation.

SMS: The central core of our activities is Safety Management Systems (SMS) simply because if an Operator has a fully functional SMS, the Risk in flight operations will be reduced to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). We offer professional SMS implementation assistance to aircraft and airport Operators so that the Operator implements simple bespoke systems to be used on a daily basis.


Mike Litson

Managing Director / Aviation Advisor

Karen Litson

Commercial Manager

Laurie Moore

General Manager / BARS Lead Auditor

Ada Rodriguez

Operations Manager

Keith Piggott

Keith Piggott

BARS Lead Auditor / Aviation Advisor

Paul Dorfman

BARS Lead Auditor / Advisor / Americas

Jorge Rincon

Lead Auditor / Advisor / S America

Pablo Navarrete

BARS Lead Auditor / Advisor / S America

Brian Crystal

BARS Lead Auditor / Aviation Advisor

Fred Young

BARS Auditor / Aviation Advisor

Brink Bester

Brink Bester

Aviation Advisor

Charles Penney

BARS Lead Auditor

Patrick Macfarlane

Technical Manager / BARS Auditor

Fritz van Rooyen

Aviation Advisor

Giorgio Bindoni

giorgio bindoni

BARS Auditor / Aviation Advisor / UK

Shanaaz Arnold

Quality Manager & Auditor

Hanli Abegglen

HR & Contracts

Natashia Pentz

Training Co-ordinator & eSMS-S Helpdesk


IT Manager RMS / eREP-S™


Lead Developer RMS / eSMS-S™


Developer RMS / eSMS-S™

Zirk Coetsee RMS / eREP-S™


Developer RMS / eREP-S™

Leigh-Ann Wence

Travel Desk & Logistics

Andrea Kaufman

Accounts Department

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