Advisory Services

Are you concerned that you may have gaps in your management systems?
Litson and Associates is able to carry out an Operational and Technical Assessments of your organisation and identify gaps in your structures, systems, policies, procedures and practices.

An Assessment of this nature could be considered a ‘friendly audit’ and will work with the operator to identify any gaps (Findings) found and make suggestions (Recommendations) regarding the manner in which these gaps can be corrected (the Corrective Action Plan).

A comprehensive drafted report then follows, identifying not only the Findings and Recommendations but also making Observations on any issue, often complimentary, that is noteworthy. It is always good to know that a chosen work practice is regarded as positive.

Contact Litson and Associates for an unbiased Operational and Technical safety assessment of your Operation and move forward with confidence!

Safety Reviews on behalf of non-aviation Clients

As an oil & gas or resource sector company, do you have need to use an Aircraft Operator – fixed wing or rotary wing, on-shore or off-shore?

Litson and Associates conducts Operational and Technical Safety Reviews internationally on behalf of Clients such as oil & gas and mining companies and also VIP clients requiring the use of aviation service providers.

For our Safety Reviews the IOGP Aviation Sub-committee Aircraft Management Guidelines and Flight Safety Foundation Basic Aviation Risk Standard are used as a base line standards and enhanced as required by the Client or Litson and Associates in accordance with best practice.

Litson was the first accredited FSF BARS Audit Company and carried out the first BARS audits globally. Litson’s knowledge of the BARS audit process is second to none.

Litson has also developed its own comprehensive global aviation Standards and is able to offer these Standards to clients such as VIPs and the tourism industry for example, who are not operating in the oil & gas and resources sectors.

Regional airlines, corporate jet, on-shore and off-shore helicopter and geological survey operators have all been reviewed by our Aviation Advisors in recent years in Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Russia and all over Africa.

If you require peace of mind before you contract an air operator, call Litson and Associates to conduct an assessment of your potential air service provider.

Aviation Safety Management Systems: SMS made user friendly

Many Operators have heard of SMS and are aware that SMS is being mandated around the world by aviation authorities, for Air Operators and also for Airports. However, to many, SMS is still a mystery.

Litson and Associates is able to provide advice with regard to the implementation of SMS in your Operation. We advocate a number of simple to understand steps towards resolving complex safety issues in line with modern SMS principles.

The elements of the Safety Management System promoted by Litson and Associates are based on sound internationally accepted, fundamental SMS principles and are designed to give Operators tools to use on a daily basis.