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SMS made user friendly

Many aircraft and airport Operators have heard of SMS and are aware that SMS is being mandated around the world by aviation authorities, for Air Operators and also for Airports.

Litson is able to provide advice with regard to the implementation of SMS in your Operation. We advocate a number of simple to understand steps towards resolving complex safety issues in line with modern SMS principles. The elements of the Safety Management System promoted by Litson are based on sound internationally accepted, fundamental SMS principles and are designed to give Operators tools to use on a daily basis.


eSMS-S™, our secure web-site based SMS-Simplified tool, makes the implementation SMS very simple and importantly very cost effective via a small monthly subscription fee.
The system contains SMS information and both passive and active Tools. To mention just a few of the features:

You can:

  • Store all Master documentation – policies / procedures / checklists / forms, and the system produces a Master list of Manuals
  • File accident / incident / hazard / bird strike reports and send them via the system to others for comment and reply. They can be closed out and filed in the system.
  • Raise an Agenda for a Safety Meeting and write the Minutes during the meeting via the system so that the Minutes are complete before you leave the meeting.
  • Plan Emergency Response Exercises – and once complete the system stores a history of ER Exercises.
  • Conduct Risk Assessments and Safety Cases
  • Manage the major changes in your company (Management of Change is an SMS requirement).
  • There is a Currency Management System in place - like your pilot currency board (but one for each category of crew member, employee, aircraft and hangar equipment)
  • An Audit Tool is in place to assist you compile audit reports.
  • Basic statistical tools for trend monitoring are now available and are being enhanced.
  • There is a communication system including:
    • There is a Red Tag system.
    • There is a Safety Newsflash system.
    • There is an email alert when you are requested to comment on an Air Safety Report.

Because the system is web-site based you can access the system and all your data and documentation from anywhere in the world. A manual can be updated in Johannesburg to-day and you can download it immediately in Kigali, Antananarivo, London or anywhere else - immediately.

Importantly, the system is:

  • Very simple to use:  we will continue to grow and enhance the system in line with our Users requirements but it will remain a simple to use system.
  • Very inexpensive: via a monthly subscription
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View our demonstrational video to reveal the power of eSMS-S™
Best experienced using a high seed internet connection.