Aviation Lead Auditor Overview


This Aviation Lead Auditor training course is tailor made for internal company auditors in the aviation industry and is a follow-on from the initial Aviation Auditor course.

Participants will encounter recognised standards such as the OGP Aircraft Management Guidelines and the FSF Basic Aviation Risk Standards, the focus here being on practical work in the form of aviation case studies and leading an audit team.

Participants will be evaluated on their performance as team leaders as well as on their ability to interpret the relevant Standards in practical situations.


In common with the Aviation Auditor course, the Lead Auditor course contains aviation specific material. This is intended to create debate and discussion amongst experienced internal company auditors, the aim being to prepare the participants to be able to lead an audit team. Participants will learn how to arrange, conduct and finalise an audit as lead auditor.

Pre-entry Requirements:

  • Matric or equivalent senior school qualification or recognition of prior learning;
  • Good communication both in written and spoken English;
  • It is recommended that a Safety Management Systems training course be attended and passed prior to doing the Aviation Lead Auditor training course;
  • Participants are expected to have a minimum of 1 year aviation auditing experience and/or have undertaken a minimum of 6 audits prior to attending this course;
  • Participants are expected to have attended and passed the L&A Basic Auditor Course (or proof given that a course of a similar standard was attended and passed); and
  • Must have held an aviation position for 2 years.

Course Duration:

3 days


Welcome, Registration and Introduction, course photograph

1. Introduction and review to the Lead Auditor Course
2. Auditing and Aviation Safety Objectives
3. Handout and discussion on practical assessment (Day 3)
4. Standards and industry references
5. Lead Auditor Environment
6. Attributes of a Lead Auditor
7. Responsibilities of a Lead Auditor
8. Audit team selection, compilation and resource management
9. The Lead Auditor and the audit process
10.Trending and tracking audit results
11. Annual Audit Planning
12. Auditing, Quality and Safety Culture
13. Written evaluation Module
14. Practical: Audit Assessment