ICAO and the aligned CAA’s/DCA’s require aviation organisations to be proficient in the processes involved in Incident and Accident investigations as part of the Aircraft Operator’s Safety Management System.

These processes are not only applicable to the classic aviation environment, but also inherently involve some Occupational Health and Safety, Security and Environmental aspects as well.

Litson and Associates provides a solution in the format of an initial, five-day Aviation Occurrence Investigation course.  This course is defined as an initial introduction into occurrence investigation to allow the Operator to achieve an in house capability to conduct investigations into occurrences which have, or could have led to losses and/or injury within the organisation.  The course also provides the Attendee with an additional skill.

The approach to achieving this outcome is contained within a series of pertinent and applicable modules of presentation, ranging from the first step of defining the nature of the occurrence, identifying the investigation team, data/information gathering, processing by analysis to making conclusive findings and developing recommendations with future preventative mitigation whilst employing the Just Culture Model throughout.

This whole process is documented in a logical manner, utilising the 5M principle of apportioning immediate and root cause/s so that policies or procedures can be rectified for future prevention.

The theory content of the course is designed to enable the successful delegate to have a rudimentary understanding of the technicalities involved in an occurrence and to a small degree involves physics, principles of flight, aerodynamics, the characteristics of materials such as metals and composites, as well as design concepts.

To attend this course, delegates must already have a rudimentary understanding of mathematics and physics.  The course is mildly intense and interesting and the delegate is evaluated by means of a single written closed book test on day four (4) of the course.  The pass mark for this test is 60% and only successful candidates will qualify for the course certificate.

It is recommended that delegates interested in attending this course have already completed an Aviation Safety Officer/Manager course or a Safety Management Systems course and ideally have at least five (5) years’ related experience in the aviation industry.

Pre-entry Requirements:

  1. Have completed an Aviation Officer/Manager course or Safety Management Systems course.
  2. Have at least five (5) years related experience in the aviation industry.
  3. Good communication both in written and spoken English.

Programme Duration:

5 days