Safety Emergency Procedures Training (SEPT)


SEPT is an essential and critical element of the aviation organisation’s reactive processes which has its objective to ensure aircrew are equipped with the necessary skills to handle any emergency or unusual situation that can occur on board their aircraft and that they are informed of any new regulations, procedures and equipment.
Litson & Associates provides a solution with a one-day programme which is designed for aircrew members with the focus on the importance of CRM procedures and communication in an emergency situation, procedures on how to handle different types of emergencies, and the fundamentals of survival in the event of an evacuation.
During the course particular modules of importance are presented by means of theoretical lectures and video material in the classroom, after which the learner group is involved in various discussion and practical sessions which address the scope of emergencies pertinent to the aviation environment, passenger briefings, a simulated firefighting exercise and emergency equipment overviews.
At the end of this training programme, participants will have detailed knowledge of, and be proficient in, the safety and emergency procedures requirements under their relevant regulatory authority for the aircraft in which they are approved to operate on completion of a skills test onboard the aircraft on which they operate.


The course aims to give proficiency on the following topics:
• Passenger Handling: Communication and Assertiveness
• Apron and Passenger Safety
• Passenger Safety Briefing
• Passenger Seats and Restraints
• Emergency Procedures and Evacuation
• Smoke, Fumes and Fire On Board
• Use of Fire Extinguishers
• Survival Guidelines
• Life Jacket use and Ditching Drills
• Land Survival

Pre-entry Requirements:

• Matric or equivalent senior school qualification or recognition of prior learning;
• Good communication both in written and spoken English;
• Must have held an aviation position for 2 years.

Course Duration:
1 Day

Welcome, Registration and Introduction, course photograph
Module 1 Introduction
Module 2 Communication and Assertiveness
Module 3 Apron and Passenger Safety
Module 4 Emergency Procedures and Evacuation
Module 5 Smoke, Fumes and Fire Onboard
Module 6 Survival Guidelines
Module 7 Life Jacket Use and Ditching Drills
Module 8 Land Survival