Who We Are

The pre-eminent independent aviation safety advisory and training services company globally

Safety Reviews (Safety Audits and Inspections): L&A conducts aviation safety Reviews of aircraft operators anywhere in the world. We are able to benchmark our Reviews against Client aviation standards or against L&A’s own global aviation standards, as required by our Clients.

L&A inspections of aircraft, airfields, on-shore helipads and off-shore helidecks are thorough and professional.

Advisory Services: L&A provides the most professional aviation safety and quality advice to aircraft & airport Operators and resource industry Clients in the Oil, Gas and Mining sectors.

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Why choose us

L&A's highly experienced aviation safety advisors and trainers are available to assist Clients who require solid aviation safety advice.

High Standards

L&A promotes the high aviation safety and quality Standards of the Oil & Gas and Resource sectors. L&A has also developed its own Global Aviation Standards for use with clients not in the Oil & Gas and Resource sectors.


The ethics associated with aviation safety and quality-related Safety Review (audits) are important to L&A. Honest guidance is provided to clients and to non-scheduled aircraft operators and airlines where requested.

100% Confidentiality

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of every single L&A task for our clients, be it providing advisory services or visiting aircraft operators and airlines.


L&A’s Aviation Advisors include pilots / instructors & examiners / helicopter (on and off-shore) and fixed-wing (turbo-prop and corporate jet) pilots / RPAS auditors / airworthiness & maintenance engineers / emergency response / airfield and helideck specialists.


The vast experience of our Aviation Advisors / Auditors has been gained by careers in the aviation industry in many parts of the world.


Our steady growth since 2008 has been due to relationship building with our clients, some of whom have now worked with and trusted L&A for all of that time, and also relationships with the aircraft operators and airlines we visit.


The unique blending of our in-house-developed software management systems and IT tools with all our aviation advisory services, provides our clients with real-time, Risk-based outcomes.

Turnkey Services

L&A can provide a turnkey service to a Client, from the concept of an aviation service / identification of suitable Aircraft Operators in a country / pre-contract audits / ITT preparation / Tender-Bid evaluations / pre-contract start-up oversight / guidance on airfields / training of ground personnel (AvCo’s) / desktop studies, risk assessments and aircraft accident reviews on behalf of clients.


We are a forward-looking company, not resting on our laurels. We are always examining our processes to improve our aviation advisory support services to our clients.

Our Awards

The L&A Aviation Safety Award (ASA) is a three year cycle of maintaining high Safety standards.