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Aviation software developed for L&A includes systems created by L&A Risk Management Services developers. L&A use these systems, including eSMS-S™ internally, and the eSMS-S™ / eREVIEW / eTRAINING and eTENDER systems in conjunction with L&A’s resource sector Clients.

An overview of these software systems and what they entail are:

eSMS-S™ - an aviation Safety Management System programme that is:

  • Simple to use but comprehensive
  • In use by many scheduled and non-scheduled aircraft operators in several countries

eREVIEW - the Virtual Safety Review (audit) questionnaire hosting site

  • Is used by the aircraft operator accessing each question and responding by providing supporting evidence of documentation and implementation
  • Documents, photographs and video clips can be uploaded in response to questions

eREP-S™ - the L&A Safety Review (audit) report, a comprehensive creating and hosting site

  • The database includes Master checklists created by the User
  • The auditee responds to Findings & Recommendations via eSMS-S™
  • The Auditor can correspond with the auditee through individual reports in eREP-S™

eVENT-S - aircraft accident database:

  • This database can be used for statistical and factual information
  • 4,000 + recorded accidents, system enables filtered searches for accidents / aircraft / roles
  • The database is updated weekly

eTRAINING - approved by the SA CAA for audio visual, on-line training

  • Created because of the pandemic and currently on-going
  • Has enabled L&A’s professional training courses to be attended far beyond SA’s borders with all courses presented by highly experienced instructors in real time

eTENDER - a tendering portal used by Clients who do not have a tendering capability – eTENDER can:

  • Issue Invitations to Tender (ITT)
  • Receive bids
  • Evaluate and assess bids with transparency and security

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COMING SOON in 2023:

L&A RMS will introduce some exciting new software solutions in 2023. The first of these to be rolled out will be:

eFLITE-S - an aviation Operations Management System that contains:

  • Aircrew information, licence and training currencies
  • Aircraft information, approvals and expiry dates
  • Approvals of Aircraft Operator / Airline to operate and maintain aircraft with expiry dates
  • Aviation Management Planning for flights, which interrogates the aircrew, aircraft and operator
  • Approvals prior to a flight taking place – very simple to use
  • The system raises an ALERT when an approval or currency has expired