Crew Resource Management Initial (CRM)

Duration: 2 Days


This Crew Resource Management Initial (CRM) training programme is formulated to comply with the requirements as specified by the expectations of ICAO as well as the local Regulator. The programme content is formulated by combining the best principles of the generation 3, 4 and 5 CRM in order to provide the participants with consolidation information, but also involves the latest developments in the subject matter.
The main objective of the content compilation is to avoid the participants from being exposed to the typical repetition of the classic CRM content and thus not achieving the required objective. Too often, due to archaic content, the CRM programmes are attended due to a mandatory requirement and thus becomes a “tick-in-the-box” compliance course. The L&A programme is designed to be refreshing, resourceful, stimulating and informative.


In keeping with the guidelines of both ICAO and the National Regulator, this programme introduces and exposes the challenges faced by aviators and in-flight support personnel alike in the cases of normal operations, emergency operations and the transition between the two operating conditions. The participants will be exposed to managerial principles, Human Factor concepts and the failure of inter-human communications as well as individual decision-making challenges. The participants will leave this programme suitably equipped to recognise development in communication and decision failures and thus prevent the occurrence of incidents and accidents created by deficient human interaction.

Pre Entry Requirements:

      1. Matric or equivalent senior school qualification or recognition of prior learning
      2. Good communication both in written and spoken English

Programme Duration:

2 days

Modules covered:

Welcome, Registration and Introduction

  1. Introduction
  2. Human Factors
  3. Fatigue
  4. Stress
  5. Situational Awareness
  6. Aeronautical Decision Making
  7. Task and Workload Management
  8. Risk Management
  9. Assertiveness
  10. Communication
  11. Culture
  12. Leadership
  13. Conclusion

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