Emergency Response Planning (ERP)

Duration: 1 Day


ERP is an essential and critical element of the aviation organisation’s reactive processes which has its
objective to identify the emergency, analyse the situation, anticipate the secondary impacts and
developments and thus act upon these conditions in order to prevent the level of the emergency from
escalating, and to provide immediate response and support to contain the existing situation within a minimum
loss limits.
Litson & Associates provides a solution with a one day programme which is presented in the format of a
During the period of the workshop particular modules of importance are presented after which the learner
group are involved in various practical sessions which address the scope of emergencies pertinent to the
aviation environment.
The group then use these examples to develop the skeleton of an ERP development process. The ERP
workshop delegate will leave the programme with the fundamental tools to assess the extent of an
emergency, how to categorise an emergency and finally, how to develop an ERP for each of these situations
based on a Table Top Tactic principle.


To provide participants with:

  • The knowledge of ERP concepts.
  • How ERP fits into your SMS.
  • Understand the key features of ERP.
  • A firm foundation in developing and implementing emergency plans.

Pre Entry Requirements:

      1. Delegates preferably in the positions of Accountable Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Quality
        Assurance Representatives and Quality Assurance Auditors and/or Quality Control Auditors.
      2. Currently in a post within an aviation organisation.
      3. Good communication both in written and spoken English.

Programme Duration:

1 day

Modules covered:

Welcome, Registration and Introduction

  1. Defining the ERP Milieu
  2. Emergency Response Plan Purpose,
  3. Managerial Responsibilities
  4. Human Factor Considerations
  5. Typical ERP Organogram and Team Roles
  6. ERP Formulation and Exercise.

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