Duration: 1 Day


Identifying the origin of a problem, be it a Hazard, Incident, Accident, or any Risk, remains the only true way in preventing this problem from developing and culminating into a negative event, or from re-occurring should it already have taken place. This process is called Root Cause Analysis and is the fundamental success factor in implementing both Aviation Safety Management and Aviation Quality Management Systems.

The ICAO SMS for Aviation depends on the successful implementation of the Root Cause Analysis process and is a determining factor for the effective outcome of all preventative Safety Management concepts including Hazard and Risk Management, Incident and Accident investigation, Management of Change, and Safety Cases.

The L&A Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Workshop was developed from a demand within the aviation industry and the frequent sub-standard implementation of the RCA process witnessed by L&A advisors during our Safety Reviews/Audits on behalf of the Resources and Oil & Gas industries.

This Workshop is focussed on presenting the RCA concepts, the RCA “recipe”, general practices, applications within the organisation, common mistakes made, most applied RCA tools and basic examples to grasp the concepts involved. This Workshop is live and interactive, and not based on pre-recordings.


To develop the delegate’s knowledge of the RCA process to promote safety and quality and to deliver effective and lasting Root Cause Analysis.


Pre-entry Requirements:

  • Have completed a Safety Management System or Quality Management System course
  • Have at least three (3) years of related experience in the aviation industry
  • Good communication both in written and spoken English


Programme Duration:

One (1) Day


Programme Outline:

This one-day RCA Workshop consists of a theory section in the morning and a practical session in the afternoon. The programme is as follows:


Welcome and Introduction

  • Aspect 1 – Defining RCA
  • Aspect 2 – Importance of effective RCA
  • Aspect 3 – Where does RCA have an impact on the Aviation Industry
  • Aspect 4 – Documenting and Implementing RCA
  • Aspect 5 – The RCA “recipe”
  • Aspect 6 – Common mistakes made during the RCA process
  • Aspect 7 – RCA Tools and the use of the most generally applied model
  • Practical
  • Discussion and Closure


This Workshop opens at 07:45 on the determined day and the closure is targeted for between 16:30 and 17:00 the same day.  Short breaks are scheduled, and a lunch break of 60 minutes is included.


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to each delegate upon full-time attendance and completion of the programme.

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