Duration: 5 Days


ICAO and the local regulatory bodies within aviation have determined that all organisations shall implement a QMS with oversight capabilities.


By addressing the aspects of QA, QC and the auditing objectives and principles, this five-day QMSA programme aims to develop the delegates’ knowledge of Quality Systems to equip them in fully understanding the task of the appointed Quality Assurance Manager/Representative.

The final day of this five-day programme consolidates the quality aspects and assists the development of auditing objectives and principles into a practical application, to further develop the delegates’ ability to conduct internal and external audits within the aviation milieu.

At the end of this course, the delegates will have a clear understanding of what QMS entails, what the QAM/QAR has to contend with and how to implement, manage and maintain the quality requirements at a management level in line with the expectations of the local aviation regulator.


Pre-entry Requirements:

  • Delegates in the position of Accountable Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Assurance Representative and Quality Assurance Auditor and/or Quality Control Auditor
  • Currently in a post within an aviation organisation
  • Good communication both in written and spoken English

Course Duration:

Five days, the first four days cover QMS, with the fifth day focuses on Auditing Principles


Welcome, Registration and Introduction

Module 1      Introduction to QMS
Module 2      QMS and Aviation Safety Objectives
Module 3      Standards and Industry References
Module 4      All about ISO 9000 Series
Module 5      What is PDCA?
Module 6      Aspects of Quality
Module 7      The Stake Holder, Client, and Customer
Module 8      A Basic QMS design
Module 9      Typical aviation requirements for Quality Management
Module 10    Practical – A Quality Audit Checklist
Module 11    *Auditing Toolkit – Practical/Group work/Assessment


*The fifth day is used to focus on the development and training of auditing functions based on the QMS principles, building on the previous four days training in developing the QA profiled auditor.


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