Basic aviation Risk Standard

Litson & Associates (Pty) Ltd. Carried out the very first BARS audit worldwide in 2010.

Since that time, L&A has continuously carried out initial and recurrent BARS audits on behalf of aircraft operators and airlines serving the Resource (mining) sector.

Over the intervening years, BARS has matured under the direction of the BARS Programme Office in Melbourne, Australia. What started with four BARS Member Organisations (BMO) (mining companies) has now grown to over 30 BMOs. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of representatives from the BMOs steers the direction of the BARS programme.

The Audit Companies (AC) meet with the BPO and with the TAC every 6mths to ensure that Standards are aligned across the spectrum of activities.

Non-scheduled aircraft operators and airlines can progress from an initial Green level to Silver and Gold levels in the programme and it has been a great pleasure for L&A to assist and guide aircraft operators and airlines through this process over the years.