L&A Aviation Safety Award

An award recognising the efforts of an airline or non-scheduled aircraft operator to consistently achieve a higher than average standard of Safety

Over the years L&A has been most pleased to identify airlines and non-scheduled aircraft operators in Africa and elsewhere, who are trying hard to improve their aviation operating Standards to achieve safe flight and maintenance operations.
Whilst these small, medium to large domestic and regional airlines and charter operators strive to meet ‘international best practice standards’, L&A has felt it necessary for these companies to be recognised as having achieved a certain higher Standard in their Safety and Quality management systems, flight operations and maintenance activities.
The Litson & Associates Global Aviation Standards are a mix of best practices, policies & procedures from internationally recognised Standards in the aircraft charter industry and other business and resources sector users of passenger aircraft, such as the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors and Business aviation.
In 2017 L&A introduced the Aviation Safety Award (ASA) which is designed to identify and reward airlines and non-scheduled aircraft operators who have either consistently met L&A’s required Standards over a two-year or more period of annual Safety Reviews, or who have undergone an L&A ASA Safety Review specifically requested by them and then successfully addressed and closed any and all Findings under the terms and conditions of the L&A ASA scheme.
The L&A Aviation Safety Awards of Silver, Gold and Diamond levels have since been presented to deserving aircraft operators and airlines in a number of countries in Africa and South America. L&A anticipates the first awards being made in Asia in the not too distant future.